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Behind the Curtain: Psychotherapy for Gender Dysphoria with Sue and Marcus Evans

Gender: A Wider Lens

Marcus and Sue Evans both worked as clinicians in the Tavistock Centre in London for many years. Noticing red flags since the early 2000s, Sue was the first whistle-blower in the Tavistock Centre and Marcus resigned as its governor because the concerns raised by therapists, parents, and managers were systematically dismissed. Marcus and Sue released their book Gender Dysphoria: A Therapeutic Model for Working with Children, Adolescents and Young Adults. They join me and Sasha to discuss the tasks of adolescents, family dynamics, and how important it is to explore questions about gender dysphoria as part of a more holistic approach to clinical care because nobody yet has all the final answers.

Stella O'Malley
Join me as I not only talk all things gender but share my thoughts on things such as family dynamics, school refusal and so much more! Please feel free to comment questions or thoughts.