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Beyond the 'Gifted' Label: A Conversation with Jessie Mannisto

Gender: A Wider Lens

Sasha and I sat down with Jessie Mannisto, the Editor in Chief of Third Factor Magazine, a publication for and about uncommon people and their uncommon paths through life.

Jessie expanded on the many overlapping experiences of gifted, creative, intense, and gender dysphoric individuals. We explored some critiques and uses of terms like ‘queer’ and ‘asexual.’ Sasha and I asked Jessie about androgyny, loneliness, ordinariness, and exceptionalism in dysphoria people. And what’s up with anime and fan fiction amongst gender-questioning youth?

Stella O'Malley
Join me as I not only talk all things gender but share my thoughts on things such as family dynamics, school refusal and so much more! Please feel free to comment questions or thoughts.