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Dawn of the Detransitioner Lawsuits, with Josh Payne

Gender: A Wider Lens

In this episode, Sasha and I welcome lawyer, Josh Payne, co-founder of Campbell Miller Payne, a law firm dedicated to representing individuals who were misled and abused – many as children – into psychological and physical harm through a false promise of “gender-affirming care.” Campbell Miller Payne is committed to its mission to speak up for these victims, assert their rights, and pursue justice.
This conversation is about various legal challenges faced by detransitioners, such as issues with informed consent, systemic healthcare problems, and the experimental nature of many treatments. The discussion emphasizes the vulnerability of clients, the lack of comprehensive care addressing underlying mental health issues, and the need for cautious medical practices, underscoring the importance of seeking justice for those affected and advocating for more responsible treatment alternatives to gender-affirming care.

Stella O'Malley
Join me as I not only talk all things gender but share my thoughts on things such as family dynamics, school refusal and so much more! Please feel free to comment questions or thoughts.